Richard Newman Quoted by Morning Consult on Social Media Influencer Regulation

Richard B. Newman was recently quoted by Morning Consult in an article entitled “Advocates See Pandemic as Possible Tipping Point to Regulate Social Media Influencers.”  The article discusses the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the regulation of social media influencers that disseminate express and implied disease prevention, cure and treatment representations.

The article delves into ways which the FTC could strengthen its enforcement by working with other interested agencies. “The FDA, Justice Department, state attorneys general and other local regulatory agencies have already expressed interest in regulating unsubstantiated health claims shared online as a top priority during the pandemic, Newman stated.

The regulatory crackdown isn’t limited just to direct claims made by influencers and companies. “Anything that expressly or impliedly represents that a product or its ingredients can cure or prevent the coronavirus are likely going to draw scrutiny,” Newman said. “Even more general claims, such as ‘keeping you such as ‘keeping you and your family healthy,’ could imply a cure or prevention claim.”

View the article, here.

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