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The Firm’s Substantive Internet Advertising and Marketing Experience Means We Hit the Ground Running on New Matters, Rather Than Needing to Get Up to Speed on Law and Technologies

Hinch Newman is a full-service law firm practicing in the areas of Internet law, Internet marketing compliance and regulatory defense, eCommerce law, complex business litigation and digital media. See a full list of our services here.  Our diverse clients include entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, multi-national corporations and technology start-ups across the United States and around the world engaged in cutting-edge areas of business.

As a leading advertising law and regulatory compliance law firm with a comprehensive understanding of issues relating to both traditional and online advertising, we regularly advise clients on promotional marketing programs and consumer protection issues, conducting legal compliance reviews of advertising campaigns across all media channels.

The firm possess many years of extensive legal and business experience interpreting relevant legal issues, designing and implementing customized marketing compliance policies that effectively walk the line between commerce and compliance, and aggressively advocating in the event of formal legal proceedings.  This experience translates directly into lower costs and top results for our clients.

In addition to the firm’s online marketing compliance and regulatory defense practice, Hinch Newman has a wide-based civil litigation practice and handles large and complex cases to small straightforward business disputes, across multiple jurisdictions.

The firm has earned a well-deserved reputation as a dependable and skilled resource for individuals and companies faced with defending against consumer protection and advertising-related lawsuits.  We bring a well-rounded and diverse skill set that includes successfully negotiating and litigating both conventional and new wave commercial disputes, including, but not limited to, email and SMS SPAM law defense, online defamation, cybersquatting, trade secret violations and unfair trade practices.

We are industry leaders and trusted advocates in legal issues and risks that arise on a daily basis within advertising networks, affiliate networks, CPA networks, pay-per-call networks, lead generation and data brokerage businesses.

Hinch Newman knows how to get you and your company where you want to go, protecting your rights during the analysis, negotiation and preparation of the full range of licensing, marketing and website agreements such as lead purchase contracts, list management agreements, website terms of use and privacy policies.  From merchant legal issues, to network issues through to publisher concerns, the firm provides clients with strategic advice and counsel in connection with business ventures involving the marketing of their own products and services, as well as the products and services of third-parties.

The firm’s track record of achievements has resulted in a reputation as a reliable and advantageous resource for those seeking preventative and tactical legal compliance reviews of advertising campaigns that meet business objectives and government expectations.  It is our experience that enables us to see what is coming far in advance.  Such experience only comes with litigating and defending cutting-edge federal and state government investigations on behalf of industry leading clientele.

Perhaps more than any other firm in the performance marketing space, Hinch Newman has unique experience representing and defending clients in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state Attorneys General, and other state and local regulatory agencies.

We are a regulatory compliance and defense powerhouse that consistently and quickly resolves problems in order to prevent or conclude costly litigation and avoid government and regulatory obstacles.  Our firm is a national leader amongst online marketers in this area of practice.

As an active member of the Performance Marketing Association and the International Association of Privacy Professionals the firm prides itself on remaining abreast of any and all developments, trends, statutes and legal decisions that affect the advertising and marketing landscape.  Hinch Newman has developed a national reputation for keeping clients ahead of the curve in terms of crucial legal and regulatory landmines that could potentially impact their business practices.

What distinguishes us is that we provide our clients the type of high-end quality and experience found at larger firms to handle complex legal matters, while at the same time offering the cost-effective personal service, accountability, integrity, flexibility and zealous representation of a smaller firm.  Hinch Newman provides high quality, efficient lawyering and personalized client service.

Hinch Newman is committed to both meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.  We are dedicated to the enthusiastic, competent and resourceful resolution of your individual matter.

The firm makes a point of keeping clients informed about current procedures, processes and developments by providing up-to-the-minute information about your particular case and anticipated changes.  We use state-of-the-art technology for research, client communications and case management.

Hinch Newman also represents as Associate General Counsel.  We work side by side with our clients to bring the resources necessary to grow their companies.  The firm’s single-minded goal is to provide you with innovative, timely and affordable legal services and quality business advice necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly transforming business environment.

We welcome you to submit the details of your legal matter to us using our Free Online Case Submission Form.  You may also phone us to set up a free phone consultation or reach us via email at

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