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Hinch Newman’s highly regarded Internet law, advertising and marketing compliance, regulatory litigation and tech practice represents leading and innovative organizations in the digital media sector on a wide array of matters.

We understand not just how to navigate the maze of laws and regulations affecting our clients, but we also have a sophisticated understanding of how they were developed and how they can be applied to meet our clients’ business goals.

The firm is at the forefront of developments and laws that impact performance marketers and our concentrated focus distinguishes us from other Internet marketing law firms.

Hinch Newman provides creative solutions to direct marketing compliance obstacles and often engages in high-profile, complex regulatory, litigation and investigative proceedings before federal agencies, state and local tribunals and federal courts.

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Internet Law

Hinch Newman advises cutting-edge businesses and creative entrepreneurs on all aspects of Internet law, technology and media.

As a leading law firm representing the commercial Internet and telecommunications law sectors, Hinch Newman assists clients with issues relating to affiliate marketing, website agreements, online defamation, eCommerce, liability for third-party content, intellectual property, privacy and data security, and domain name disputes.

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Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and State Attorneys General Investigations and Defense

Hinch Newman is widely recognized for its track record of success defending the rights of a wide variety of highly regulated businesses in federal and state consumer protection actions initiated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state attorneys general (AG).

From unsubstantiated product efficacy claims and unfair and deceptive practice, to privacy and data security enforcement, the regulatory compliance and defense law firm is particularly skilled at representing direct marketers in matters spanning a broad range of issues involving Internet marketing, email marketing and telemarketing.

Hinch Newman consistently strives to resolve government investigations outside of litigation. When called for, the firm leverages its regulatory enforcement defense experience, knowledge of rapidly developing policy and strong relationships with enforcers to achieve the most advantageous outcomes possible.

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Marketing and Advertising Law

The firm is a preeminent and trusted Internet marketing and regulatory compliance law firm for advertising and communications legal issues. Hinch Newman possesses a comprehensive understanding of the unique business operations of digital marketers, and related regulatory compliance and defense subject matter.

We focus on pro-actively keeping clients in good standing with regulators and consistently monitor statutes, regulations and developing case law governing marketing and advertising on the Internet which benefits clients in the form of risk avoidance counsel and strategic copy review clearance.

We represent advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, lead generators, lead buyers, telemarketers, email marketers and entrepreneurs relating to the creation and dissemination of marketing material across various forms of media that permits clients to effectively walk the line between commerce and compliance.

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Advertising campaigns face a number of potential challenges from regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, consumer class action lawyers and competitors. The firm has developed deep litigation experience and a proven record of success representing advertisers and marketers in high-stakes government and private litigation matters.

Hinch Newman has served as defense counsel on some of the most important advertising cases in the past decade.  From high-tech to telemarketing (TCPA), email marketing (CAN-SPAM) to false advertising, Hinch Newman represents clients across myriad industries in varying legal disputes.

The firm litigates in both state and federal court, and represents clients’ interests in arbitrations and negotiated resolutions.  Hinch Newman protects new media marketers’ rights in local, state and federal advertising litigation, and has slayed a patent troll by invalidating its affiliate pooling patent.

We have represented  countless marketers in government inquiries and litigation matters, intellectual property infringement, comparative advertising, class actions and other complex business matters.

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Privacy and Data Security Law

As a technology focused law firm and member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Hinch Newman regularly counsels clients on data protection laws and related compliance obligations governing the collection, use, disclosure and security of personal information.

The firm’s skills are particularly valuable to those in heavily regulated sectors and with an online presence.  Clients appreciate the firm’s familiarity with government expectations of and guidelines concerning lead generators’ handling of consumer data, our ability to develop and implement written privacy policies and information security protocol procedures, and tech savvy focus.

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New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Investigations and Defense

Hinch Newman is the leading New York City (NYC) Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) investigation and defense firm.

We maintain impeccable relationships with agency officials and are highly skilled at resolving advertising and licensing matters quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and beneficially for clients with minimal disruption to their business operations.

From health and fitness to home improvement contractors, licensure issues to OATH hearings,  Hinch Newman also works with clients to ensure that their business activities comply with applicable New York City Rules and Administrative Code.

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Performance Marketing and Website Agreements

Hinch Newman works with Internet marketers, website operators and other online entrepreneurs to tailor enforceable website agreements - such as terms of use and privacy policies - that satisfy legal expectations while minimizing legal risk.

The firm focuses on the gamut of digital marketing business operations, as well.  We prepare and negotiate thorough contracts that account for the relationships between and amongst those in the online marketing ecosystem, meet client expectations while reducing risk and comply with FTC Guidelines, including affiliate marketing and network agreements, publisher and advertiser agreements, lead generation and telemarketing contracts, influencer agreements and social media policies, software license and technology service agreements, and web development and eCommerce agreements.

The firm also prepares and negotiates confidentiality agreements designed to protect valuable trade secrets and other proprietary information.

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Online Intellectual Property Law

The firm works with those that do business online to select, procure, register, manage, protect and enforce intellectual property rights.

With a particular focus upon Internet-related matters, we help clients navigate all facets of intellectual property litigation, copyright and trademark prosecution, technology licensing negotiations, and trade secret and unfair competition disputes.

Hinch Newman’s extensive IP experience also includes domain name disputes and gray market claims.

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Please contact us at (212) 756-8777, via email to or via our Online Case Submission Form.    

Please contact us at (212) 756-8777, via email to or via our Online Case Submission Form.