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FTC Defense Lawyer for Internet Marketing Community

In June 2018, FTC defense lawyer Richard B. Newman of Hinch Newman LLP was asked to present an online advertising compliance, regulatory investigations and government litigation webinar on behalf of the most prestigious and important online continuing legal education (CLE) providers, according to the National Law Journal.  Topics he covered included an examination of recent developments in social media marketing, a discussion of compliant disclosures and the FTC Endorsement Guides, and how to develop best practices for compliance in light of recent investigations and litigation brought by the Federal Trade Commissions, state attorneys general and other regulatory agencies.regarding national advertising campaigns.  CLE credits were awarded for participation in the presentation. 

The course was entitled “Advertising and Marketing Law: The Regulatory Landscape & Commonly Encountered IP Issues.”  The course was worth 1.0 General CLE hours.  Mr. Newman was one of two presenters.

Regulatory Litigation Practice

Mr. Newman presented the Internet marketing compliance and consumer protection defense course at the request of an award-winning legal education provider that is highly regarded by the legal community at large, including attorneys, corporate counsel and various legal professionals.  According to the Chief Executive Officer of the legal education services provider, it “takes pride in producing [an] extensive catalog of online CLE courses both with and for the best and brightest in the industry.”

A highly regarded leader in Internet marketing-related FTC and state Attorneys General actions, and advertising and lead generation compliance, Richard has successfully defended affiliate marketers, networks, lead generators, emails marketers, telemarketers, tech industry participants and others within the interactive advertising ecosystem against state and federal government agencies alleging online consumer deception, fraud and privacy violations.  Richard represents advertisers, marketers and Internet companies with the legal aspects of their national advertising and marketing businesses.  He conduct advertising clearance reviews and advises on direct marketing campaigns.  In addition to defending FTC and state attorney general investigations and enforcement actions, Richard handles complex consumer and business litigation involving false advertising issues.  

Lawyers’ Lawyer 

Richard is often contacted by other law firms on behalf of their clientele when questions arise regarding online advertising compliance related issues. Those in the legal community seeking experienced consumer-protection defense counsel have referred him numerous cases over the years when their own clients are faced with FTC investigations and enforcement matters.

He focuses on Internet law, technology law advertising law, digital media and government litigation.  Richard represents clients in high profile investigations and litigation matters, and provides counseling to clients on affiliate marketing, regulatory compliance and best practices, claim substantiation, social media, privacy and data security, and other issues in the Internet advertising space.

Uncommon Insight

As an FTC defense lawyer experienced in interactive advertising matters, Richard possesses a solid reputation amongst various consumer protection agencies and insight into regulatory policies governing online advertising investigations and litigation matters.  In July 2018 Richard was asked for his thoughts about the new Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection by a leading telecom industry news publication.    

In addition to advertising and marketing compliance and FTC investigations and defense, Mr. Newman’s seminar provided attendees with critically important information for marketers, including FTC enforcement policy, effective avoidance of regulatory landmines, how FTC defense attorneys can achieve the most favorable outcomes possible when the odds are stacked against them, the consequences of deceptive advertising, advertising disclosure requirements, performance claim standards, endorsement and testimonial guidance, online lead generation, privacy and data security, third-party liability theories and comparative advertising.

Real-World Experience

Attorney Newman is a seasoned digital advertising lawyer that has earned a high level of respect within his field.  He has more than two decades of legal experience, and is regularly asked by national and international media outlets to speak about cutting-edge regulatory issues. 

Mr. Newman assists clients in various practice areas, including advertising compliance, regulatory investigations, Internet law and digital media.  Internet marketers can turn to the firm for competent legal representation designed to meet business goals.

Contact an FTC defense lawyer for strategic guidance on regulatory compliance and, if necessary, to successfully navigate regulatory investigations and  enforcement proceedings.