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Internet Marketing and Advertising Law

Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Lawyer

Hinch Newman is a recognized leader in the Internet marketing and advertising field with cutting-edge advertising litigation experience.  The firm possesses significant experience representing digital marketers across an array of niches and payment models, from CPA campaigns to programmatic advertising.

This experience is distinctly beneficial to the firm's clients that may be faced with disputes with ad networks and publishers pertaining to issues such as contractual disputes, payment disputes, invalid or fraudulent traffic, indemnity and contribution demands, and non-compete or non-solicitation obligations.

The online affiliate marketing industry has many unique nuances as well as many legal issues that can be difficult to understand.  An experienced affiliate marketing lawyer understands the distinct issues facing online merchants, affiliate and CPA networks, publishers, data purchasers and lead generators.  Our clients span across numerous verticals, from nutraceuticals and weight loss products to consumer credit and insurance services.  Hinch Newman speaks your language and knows how to manage industry specific business and legal issues that are vital for your particular program to succeed.

Given today's regulatory environment, the boundaries between aggressive marketing and lawful practices are sometimes unclear.  We are leaders in the performance marketing space and established authorities with regard to litigating on behalf of and counseling advertisers, networks and publishers in the development and maintenance of legally compliant best-practices that conform to intricate federal and state advertising laws and regulations.

You need an experienced affiliate marketing attorney to help you mindfully balance risks and rewards while simultaneously avoiding the violation of applicable laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to lead generation, affiliate marketing, search marketing, e-mail marketing, and display advertising. 

We possess an accumulation of skills that result from detailed exposure to a broad spectrum of Internet marketing and advertising issues, including representing Internet and telecommunications-based businesses that market their products and services online.

We have litigated in federal and state courts across the country on behalf of online merchants, outsourced program management companies, industry leading affiliate and CPA networks, publishers, and telecommunications content service providers who solicit sales online via methods such as bulk commercial e-mail, response marketing, and premium short message service.

Our clients benefit from the firm’s thorough understanding of expanding technical innovations, progressive legal issues  and issues pertaining to Internet contracts, publisher compliance policies and guidelines, website legal audits, lead generation, list management, and chargeback disputes.  Our goal is to enhance your online marketing and advertising efforts while minimizing the risk of regulatory investigations and costly litigation.

Should a problem arise, we are top-notch and experienced legal advocates that will aggressively fight to protect your interests in advertising, regulatory and business litigation matters.

Please contact us directly or via our Free Online Case Submission Form for a free consultation to speak with an experienced Internet marketing and advertising lawyer about your particular legal matter.

Please contact us at (212) 756-8777, via email to [email protected] or via our Online Case Submission Form.    

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