Affiliate Marketing, Technology and Commercial Contracts

Advertising Contract Lawyer Ensuring the Most Enforceable and Comprehensive Agreements

A core portion of our firm’s distinctive practice involves the analysis, negotiation and detail-focused preparation of a full range of marketing, licensing, corporate, website and commercial agreements.  We have an extensive performance marketing and technology background and possess significant experience in the legal and commercial aspects of related issues.

Much of our work concerns advertiser, network, publisher, list management, data monetization, call center service, data center operation and service level agreements.  Our deep knowledge of the performance marketing industry makes us uniquely qualified to negotiate and draft these agreements.

Hinch Newman provides strategic advice in connection with new technological developments and the stringent regulations concerning data and technology procurement.  We pride ourselves in knowing our clients’ industries and business processes.

Our commercial contract law experience make the firm a trusted adviser to companies of all sizes on broad a spectrum of agreements used in the affiliate marketing, eCommerce, technology and telecommunications industries, from advertiser agreements, lead purchase and list management agreements to software licenses and employee trade secret and non-compete agreements.

We advise on all aspects of performance marketing, technology and commercial contracts, often handling negotiations over data ownership, fraud, payment and collection obligations, assigning liability for allegations involving unsolicited commercial email (SPAM), suppression list management, intellectual property ownership, limitations of liability, warranties and disclaimers, indemnification obligations, rights and consequences of termination, dispute resolution and restrictive covenants.

Our regulatory compliance and defense experience with agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has provided the firm with unique insight into advertising and data brokerage contract terms that can make the different between the closure of an investigation and the initiation of an enforcement proceeding.

Service Level Agreement considerations, such as uptime, downtime, maintenance and repair, and data security and recovery warrant attention.  Our strengths also include SaaS agreements and commercial contracts supporting business formation, high-value asset purchase and sale deals, manufacturing and distribution, computer systems and data processing, website design and development, commercial leases and employment agreements.

Legally sound contracts are crucial to successful business operations.  Hinch Newman minimizes legal risks and ensures that our clients’ business objectives are met when negotiating, drafting and managing contracts.  When necessary, we aggressively and swiftly handle contract dispute issues and litigation that may arise as a result of such agreements.

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