Terms and Conditions

Experienced Internet Terms and Conditions Attorney Drafting Enforceable Website Agreements

With the increasing number of state and federal rules governing electronic commerce, it is vital that Internet based businesses consult with a seasoned Internet attorney to ensure that they are protected by Website Terms and Conditions that advise consumers of applicable rules and policies.  Terms and Conditions define the relationship with visitors to your website and must be agreed to before visitors can use the website.

Every Internet based business model is singularly distinct and Terms and Conditions must be specifically drafted for the particular website it is designed to protect.  Standard Terms and Conditions do not work for the very same reason that the same marketing strategy will not work for every company.  This is not a universal type of document so you should not simply adopt Terms and Conditions you find on someone else’s website. Our Website Terms and Conditions Attorneys and Internet Agreements Lawyers specialize in drafting Internet Terms of Use that are built around specific products, markets, and end-goals.

Terms and Conditions can relate to a wide variety of topics, including class-action arbitration waivers, limitations of liability, anti-SPAM disclaimers, choice of applicable law, and the location of any lawsuits related to your website, among others.  Properly drafted Terms of Use can help you if a dispute arises with respect to your website.  Poorly drafted Terms and Conditions can lead to disputes with consumers, costly litigation, an inquiry and/or an enforcement action by a government agency, not to mention the unnecessary expenditure of attorneys’ fees.

If the content on your website is “user-generated,” Hinch Newman can assist with insulating you from liability for allegedly unlawful content by drafting terms and conditions that provide for its removal.  Additionally, if your user-based website has the potential for copyright infringement or the inclusion of inappropriate, user-generated external links, we can craft terms and conditions that will provide you with a safe-harbor.

An experienced Terms of Use lawyer that understand the world of Internet law, online marketing and eCommerce can assist you and your business with the design and implementation of the proper online agreements that define your relationship with an end-user.

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