Online Intellectual Property Law

Protecting Intellectual Property Assets is Critical to Succeeding on the Internet

Protecting your valuable intellectual property assets and deterring others from using them is critical in order for you to distinguish your products and services and solidify the remedies should someone infringe upon them.  Often, a company's brand, name or logo is its most valuable asset.

Hinch Newman’s experience enables the firm to assist our clients to maintain the value of their online intellectual property brands.  We have successfully negotiated and litigated cutting-edge trademark, copyright, patent and Internet law disputes.

The firm’s intellectual property services include, but are not limited to, infringement litigation and defense, drafting terms of use, handling DMCA matters, bringing and defending proceedings before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board, domain name legal issues such as registration and recuperation, as well as intellectual property-related website design and development considerations.


Hinch Newman has experience with all facets of intellectual property protection on the Internet.  We assist clients with trademark searches, registration applications, transfers, portfolio management and protection.  The firm is uniquely qualified to protect against infringement risks and to prosecute and stop pay-per-click keyword infringement, domain name disputes and cybersquatters.  Our experience spans a wide range of industries that includes high-technology, entertainment and consumer products.  When necessary, we litigate aggressively.


Just about all Internet-related activity involves copyrighted material.  Our firm works side by side with clients to secure and register and enforce their copyrights to software, graphic images, text, music, video or photography.  We have extensive experience handling Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) anti-circumvention rules, agent notices and registrations.

If you have a legal concern that pertains to any of the foregoing issues, including knowledge that a competitor has used your trademarked or copyrighted material in an attempt to unlawfully divert search engine traffic, Hinch Newman provides experienced legal advice regarding the best course of action to protect and enforce your Internet based intellectual property rights.

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