Performance Marketing & Website Agreements

Internet Website Agreements

The United States government is paying particular attention to Internet-based businesses that market a product or service via questionable tactics on their websites.  Once an investigation is launched, not only can the government sanction you, it can place you on “probation” so that repetition of the same questionable conduct could result in your business being shut-down, permanently.  You need an experienced eCommerce attorney and Internet lawyer to review and draft Internet website agreements that will provide you with the highest-degree of protection.

The Internet law firm of Hinch Newman is particularly skilled in negotiating and professionally drafting the full range of governing Internet agreements that assist online merchants, networks, and publishers to meet compliance standards with regard to their offers and e-mail, search, display, and mobile campaigns.  Our Internet law and online marketing practice involves working closely with established and start-up Internet, performance marketing-based, and communications-based businesses to identify and address attendant risks.  The firm drafts, reviews, and negotiates advertising, affiliate, data management, and other critical business and technology contracts.  We can also help you ensure that your website agreements do not become outdated, minimize liability exposure, and maximize long-term compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and policies.

Please phone us to schedule a free consultation with a website agreements lawyer so that we may design and implement custom-tailored Internet agreements that comply with industry best-practices.  You may also contact us via our Free Online Case Submission Form.

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