Copyright Registration and Infringement

An Internet copyright lawyer with substantial experience relating to both the enforcement and defense of copyright infringement claims under the federal copyright laws is a critical asset to those that operate in the digital advertising sector. 

Copyright protection extends to digital website content such as graphics, text, photos, music, and video files.  If your business utilizes a website, it almost certainly owns copyrightable content.  Protection under the U.S. copyright law arises immediately upon creation and fixation of the work in physical form.

It is critical to register unique Internet content with the U.S. Copyright Office immediately.  This will act as a deterrent to your competitors from stealing your intellectual property assets for their own use.  Timely registration provides for the right to recover substantial statutory advantages up to $150,000 for each instance of willful infringement and attorneys’ fees in the event litigation is necessary to enforce your rights and protect your Internet copyright assets.  Failure to timely register a copyright pertaining to Internet content will preclude you from taking advantage of these significant remedies.  Although your copyright exists from the moment you create your work, registration is a prerequisite to enforcing that right through copyright infringement litigation.

For many copyrightable works, registration is simple and straightforward.  Hinch Newman assists its clients with both straight-forward and more complex registration procedures.  Registration is sometimes complicated by issues such as ownership, publication and derivative works.  If you are considering litigation, we can assist you to obtain an expedited copyright registration and can counsel you with regard to the most practical and appropriate methods of enforcing your intellectual property rights.

The firm’s Internet intellectual property services also include advising clients on copyright ownership issues, seeking federal registrations for copyrightable works, and litigating, sometimes complex, copyright issues.  We also frequently negotiate and draft agreements to resolve controversies involving copyright ownership and infringement.  Hinch Newman also assists website operators and user-generated content publishers to enforce their rights and preserve their immunity under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 USC § 512.  If necessary, we can help you prepare a counter-notification letter in the event that claims of copyright infringement against you are objectionable.

If you are a copyright owner attempting to enforce your rights, if your image or likeness has been misappropriated for the commercial benefit of another, or if you are an individual or business accused of infringing the copyright rights of others, Hinch Newman can assist. 

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