Leading eCommerce Law Attorney for Online Businesses

Leading eCommerce Lawyer

Each and every business that sells a product or service on the Internet must take a proactive approach to operate within establish legal guidelines in the world of electronic commerce. An experienced Internet attorney is of paramount importance to any Internet-based business and Hinch Newman focuses on related legal and regulatory issues.

The firm provides strategic advice to its web-based business clients, including retailers, distributors, third-party sellers on marketplace websites,  platform providers and tech entrepreneurs.  An experienced e-Commerce lawyer is vital when addressing legal issues such as platform maintenance, service agreements, vendor contracts, data security and privacy, intellectual property and licensing.

The firm possesses unique experience assisting clients with understanding the risks and taking advantage of the steadily increasing number of state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing consumer oriented retail and business-to-business electronic commerce, including the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program Policy & Procedures.

eCommerce Attorney With Cutting-Edge Experience

Protection of intellectual property assets, domain name disputes, consumer privacy and data security, ADA website compliance and online marketing are all issues that warrant detailed consideration and should be discussed with an experienced eCommerce lawyer.  The firm has years of cutting-edge experience at drafting and negotiating Internet website agreements, including, but not limited to, click-through and web-wrap agreements, terms of use, software licenses, privacy policies and web-hosting agreements.

We regularly assist clients that range from Internet service providers to companies selling goods and services over the Internet.  If your goal is to organize and monetize your eCommerce activities, protect your commercial interests online or to design, implement, or revise your online marketing strategy, Hinch Newman is an invaluable resource.

Hinch Newman is a leading regulatory compliance and defense law firm, well versed in all aspects of online advertising compliance.  The FTC’s ever-evolving guidelines necessarily raise numerous legal considerations for Internet-based businesses and consumer-facing websites.  From claim substantiation and disclosures to social media endorsements and direct e-mail campaigns, our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the Federal Trade Commission’s Dot Com Disclosures and other applicable advertising rules and regulations.

Hinch Newman is the go-to resource for minimizing exposure and maximizing the growth and vitality of your online business, including Amazon.com and eCommerce store operations.

There is no substitute for experience and creative thinking. Hinch Newman is at the forefront of guiding Internet-based businesses through the formation, marketing, operation, brand expansion, and regulatory process.

We offer real-world experience designed to assist your business to maximize profits by evaluating numerous factors, including advertising and monetizing your website, design of your homepage, navigation features, product information, and whether your website is configured in such a way to prompt a consumer to make an immediate purchase without further navigation.

e-Commerce Lawyer With Breadth of Technical Knowledge 

e-Commerce lawyers with a breadth of technical knowledge that can address the unique challenges that arise when your business involves direct-to-consumer e-commerce, including compliance with applicable Internet law and technology legal requirements are an invaluable asset. 

Digital-based business are exposed to increased regulation and heightened risk than companies operation in many other sectors. Hinch Newman is trust e-Commerce law counsel that has represented clients on numerous aspects of operational and legal issues involved with technology and eCommerce-related transactions.

Saavy Contract Negotiation and Drafting

eCommerce attorneys that know the ins and outs of drafting and negotiating the gamut of e-Commerce agreements are able to counsel clients on various legal and business aspects of contracts for a variety of services, from software as a service (SaaS) and other hosted services and digital marketing, to software and website development.  Hinch Newman possesses experience productively collaborating with clients and third-parties with whom the firm's clients do business in order to ensure that the complex agreements which govern such relationships protect its clients' interests.

The firm's clients benefit from its unique insight into the digital marketing industry.  Hinch Newman represents a range of clients from a variety of industries, including media, communications and entertainment, software design and development.  The firm endeavors to work closely with clients in order to provide high quality legal services.  The firm possesses a deep understanding of the legal and business concerns impacting web-based businesses and works with clients’ management, marketing teams and IT departments to develop tailored, creative and cost-effective solutions that align with business goals.  Hinch Newman also closely monitor issues that affect online businesses and endeavors to keep clients up-to-date on emerging issues.

For assistance with protecting your property rights and the implementation of best business practices designed to ward-off potential litigation, please call an experienced e-Commerce attorney to set up a free consultation to discuss your eCommerce legal issue.

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