Performance Marketing Networks and Exchanges

Hinch Newman concentrates on assisting online performance marketing networks that offer affiliate marketing, data acquisition, display advertising, e-mail marketing, and search marketing services for online merchants. The CAN-SPAM Act, Federal Trade Commission regulations, as well as state and federal laws apply equally to performance marketing networks. Given the inherent risks in the online marketing industry, performance-based networks should consult a knowledgeable Internet marketing attorney to balance the maximization of leads and sales revenue with potential exposure to litigation, government investigations, and fines.

Hinch Newman possess distinguished experience counseling leading performance marketing networks and exchanges on the entire spectrum of business specific legal issues across a wide array of pricing structures and verticals. We provide insightful risk-analysis and compliance counseling services, and have developed business specific data management, lead generation, e-mail, mobile marketing, and privacy guidelines, as well as publisher codes of conduct.

The firm also possesses substantial experience negotiating and litigating CAN-SPAM and deceptive advertising matters on behalf of its clients in the online marketing industry, throughout the United States. In addition to providing formal litigation and regulatory compliance legal services for leading performance marketing networks, the firm provides the same incomparable legal advice and compliance counsel to businesses that maintain in-house affiliate programs and/or outsourced program managers that employ lead generation, data management, search marketing, e-mail marketing, co-registration, display advertising, and the entire spectrum of affiliate programs.

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