Internet Defamation and Online Libel

The Internet Defamation Attorney and Free Speech Lawyer

Should you require the services of an experienced Internet defamation attorney, Hinch Newman focuses on issues pertaining to Internet defamation and trade libel, where our primary goal is to have the unlawful material swiftly removed from the relevant website and avoid litigation.

The majority of these personal and professional attacks upon the reputation and good-will of an individual or a legitimate business are “anonymous” in nature, using anonymous e-mail addresses or screen names, and made with the intention of evading identification by their victim, and thus, liability.  Adding further complexity, pursuant to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Internet Service Providers are generally not liable for the defamatory comments of its users.  Despite the fact that most Internet Service Providers refuse to remove libelous user-generated content, Internet anonymity does not render the end-user, or “publisher,” immune from prosecution.

Hinch Newman has vast experience and concentrates on successfully resolving Internet defamation and online reputation issues for both speakers and victims of online defamation.  In fact, we have had numerous posts containing defamatory, false, or misleading comments “voluntarily” removed by the website owner or “anonymous” poster, without the need to resort to formal litigation.  Our successes include having defamatory allegations removed from several social media websites, review-based websites, consumer complaint-based websites and blogs (on-shore and off-shore), private blogs, message boards, and even Internet-based newspaper blogs/postings.

We are skilled Internet defamation attorneys and online libel lawyers – focusing on quickly locating and identifying “anonymous” infringers through the analysis of complex electronic data and use of digital forensic resources.  When necessary, we can protect your reputation through the expeditious initiation of litigation seeking damages and attorneys’ fees, and subpoena the relevant Internet Service Provider to provide information revealing the identity of the “anonymous” cyber-attacker.  Hinch Newman LLP also offers online reputation management tactics in response to Internet defamation with the goal of combatting attacks on your online reputation and goodwill.

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