U.S. Business Immigration Law

Non Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visas

(Lawful permanent residents)

B-1  Business Visitors

  • No employment in U.S.

EB-1  Priority Workers

  • Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability
  • Outstanding professors/researchers
  • Executives/Managers
  • No labor certification

B-2  Tourists

  • No employment

EB-2  Advanced Degree Professionals & Foreign Nationals with Exceptional Ability

  • Labor certification unless National Interest Waiver

E1/E2  Treaty Trader/Investors

  • Must be a treaty between foreign country & U.S.
  • Initial visa issued for two to four years; renewable

EB-3  Skilled Workers, Professionals & Unskilled Workers

  • Labor certification
  • Professionals – bachelor’s degree
  • Skilled workers

F-1  Students

EB-4  Religious Workers

H1B  Specialty Workers

  • Professional occupation
  • Foreign national is a professional/must have equivalent U.S. Bachelor’s degree
  • File LCA with DOL

EB-5  Immigrant Investors

  • $1 million investment
  • Unless target area, $500,000
  • Must create employment for 10 U.S. workers

H-2B  Temporary Workers

  • Temporary need only

H-3  Trainee

  • Training program/little productive work

I  Representatives of Media

J-1  Exchange Visitors

L-1  Intracompany Transferees

  • Managers, executives, specialized knowledge employees
  • Must have one year employment abroad
  • Maximum time in L-1 status – five or seven years

M  Vocational Students/Nonacademic

O, P  Artists, Athletes, Entertainers

TN  Canadian / Mexican Professionals

  • Canadian / Mexican citizens / NAFTA
  • Bachelor’s degree/ professional license