FTC Signs MOU with RCMP to Strengthen Cross-Border Consumer Protection

The Federal Trade Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in an effort to enhance enforcement cooperation on cross-border consumer fraud matters.  The MOU, signed by Acting FTC Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen, facilitates the sharing of information and the ability to engage in joint investigations.

Cooperation between the FTC and RCMP is nothing new.  In fact, the two already work closely on such issues as telemarketing fraud,  providing redress for victims of cross-border frauds, sharing consumer complaints and providing assistance with foreign asset recovery. 

The RCMP participates with the FTC in five Canada/U.S. regional partnerships focused upon combatting cross-border marketing fraud, together with numerous other U.S. and Canadian enforcement agencies. 

“This MOU will strengthen our efforts to combat cross-border fraud and protect both U.S. and Canadian consumers,” FTC Acting Chairman Ohlhausen said. “This will expand our areas of cooperation…” 

A copy of the MOU can be seen, here.

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