Mobile Marketing is Not the "Next Big Thing" – It's the Current Game-Changer

The incredible reach of mobile marketing within more traditional marketing campaigns cannot be overstated.  The power to leverage the mobile device for marketing purposes is readily apparent when one views the steady increase in the use and integration of mobile marketing over the past year or two by enterprises worldwide. 

Why is it, then, that despite the fact that the cost per impression of a mobile campaign is often far lower than that of a conventional media advertising campaign, that the mainstream business community believes that mobile marketing is just a passing fad?  Perhaps what many in the mainstream marketing community may not know is that mobile marketing is far from a flash in the pan, rather, it is an indispensible aspect of any intelligent marketing plan.

To begin with, in simple terms, almost everyone around the world has a smartphone and applications are beloved within the advertising and marketing world.  Mobile telephone saturation is virtually complete and the mobile landscape is ripe.  Mobile marketing strategies present vast marketing opportunities and are there for the taking.  Additionally, mobile marketing is specifically targeted and relevant.  Although online marketing revolutionized direct marketing, the maturing mobile space is further expanding businesses ability to engage purchase-ready customers, directly at the point of sale, in ways that they actually find appealing.  Today, consumers can conduct the entire transaction cycle on their mobile device, from marketing to purchasing to consumption. 

And it is cost effective!  Mobile marketing features some of the lowest cost per impression of any marketing medium.  Retailers driving mobile marketing campaigns with triple-digit ROI for less than 2 cents per impression are not unheard of.  Additionally, mobile marketing is still relatively new in the eyes of most consumers, so it is perceived as innovative, versatile, and forward-thinking.

Combine that with the ability of mobile marketing messages to be well-branded, a goal for every mobile marketing initiative, and mobile marketing becomes an indispensable tool for companies trying to define or strengthen their brand.

Mobile marketing is, and will remain, a consistent reality for all businesses.  Hinch Newman LLP can assist your business with implementing mobile marketing campaigns that comply with state and federal laws and reguataions.

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