FTC and State Attorney General Regulatory Compliance, Investigation and Litigation Defense

Premier Internet Advertising Law Firm for Defense of FTC and Regulatory Actions

Hinch Newman has served as defense counsel on some of the highest-profile online marketing-related FTC and state Attorney General cases in recent years and is a leader in defending consumer protection agency advertising enforcement actions.  If an investigation is launched or if the Federal Trade Commission / state Attorney General  has initiated an enforcement action against your company, it is imperative that you contact an experienced FTC defense lawyer and regulatory compliance attorney with a long-established practice of negotiating and litigating online and offline regulatory matters. 

The firm has effectively resolved numerous Federal Trade Commission, State Attorney General, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Communications Commission, Department of Consumer Affairs, Electronic Retailing Self-Regulatory Program and Public Utility Commission investigations and enforcement matters involving allegations of licensure, consumer fraud, false advertising and unfair business practices.  We have successfully defended affiliate networks, publishers, email marketers, lead generators, debt collection companies, call centers and consumer credit companies in FTC, CFPB and Attorney General lawsuits.

Regulatory litigation and compliance attorney Richard B. Newman has been cited as an authority in conjunction with a petition for a writ of certiorari filed with the Supreme Court of the United States on the issue of whether the Federal Trade Commission is authorized to seek, and a district court to grant, monetary remedies against those that have violated the FTC Act.  He has also been quoted by numerous media outlets on compliance issues, including an interview concerning celebrity endorsement guidelines on Inside Edition.

Internet Law Attorney Richard Newman on Inside EditionAs distinguished FTC and State Attorney General regulatory compliance, investigation and litigation defense attorneys, we also have the experience to critically examine best business practices while effectively maximizing revenue.

The firm imparts preventative guidance on risk-minimization issues and develops strategic campaigns that comply with applicable advertising and marketing laws, regulations and policies.  We work side by side with our clients to anticipate industry developments and formulate strategic compliance measures that go a long way toward avoiding regulatory scrutiny in the first place.

Regulatory investigations and enforcement actions alleging deceptive trade practices and false advertising are at an all-time high.  Local, state, federal and international governments remain extremely active in creating new guidelines that redefine how business is conducted both offline and on the Internet, especially with regard to important advertising and marketing regulatory issues such as commercial emailing, debt collection, billing practices, electronic commerce, websites disclosures and claim substantiation, creative content, suppression list management, website terms of use, intellectual property, privacy, and data protection and content regulation.

We work closely with our clients that are engaged in the promotion of nutraceutical and dietary supplements, consumer credit products and insurance services on a wide array of issues, such as preventative pre-sale and landing page advertising compliance strategies in order to mitigate liability exposure and maintain conversions.

The firm combines its knowledge across a range of commercial advertising laws and regulatory issues, such as FTC guidelines and FDA regulations, into a single integrated approach, enabling us to leverage knowledge in one area to provide practical solutions in another.  Given today’s dynamic and fast-changing digital environment, such an approach offers significant added value to our clients.

Whether you are a manufacturer, seller, advertiser or an affiliate marketing network, an outsourced affiliate program manager, a lead generator or a publisher that markets products or services on the Internet – doing business online inherently presents both unique opportunities and risks.  At Hinch Newman our years of Internet marketing compliance and regulatory defense experience are a significant benefit to our clients.

In addition to formal litigation, we are authorities on unfair business practices risk-analysis and compliance issues.  You need a consumer protection regulatory compliance, investigation and litigation attorney who concentrates on conducting detailed internal audits to confirm that applicable legal and regulatory standards are being met.  We provide advice and qualitative risk-management counsel to individuals and corporations regarding new and existing regulatory initiatives, potential liability exposure, and subsequent recommendations for any necessary process changes or corrective actions to ensure compliance.

Guidelines pertaining to the use of testimonials and self-regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising are also in sharp-focus within the Internet marketing sector. Online and mobile marketing campaigns that potentially include elements of unfair business practices can potentially ignite an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, various state Attorneys General and local consumer protection agencies.  Clearly, Internet and mobile based businesses must be wary of the risks and proceed only after consultation with an experienced FTC compliance and defense lawyer.

The firm possesses particular skills in order to negotiate and resolve a broad range of state and federal government investigations on behalf of our clients.  What do you do first?  How do you keep your options open?  How do you limit disruption and minimize the damage?  How do you ensure that your company’s concerns are considered and addressed?  When faced with a government agency inquiry or complaint, responding appropriately in order to condition a positive outcome is vital.

We possess the regulatory compliance counseling experience to assist you with managing an investigation and prepare a deliberate and cautious response in order to fend-off litigation  The firm has achieved a track record of success in negotiating reasonable settlements and in persuading the FTC and state Attorneys General not to file formal actions against our clients. 

Our extensive representative experience with Internet and telecommunications-related legal matters, coupled with an impeccable reputation amongst local, state and federal regulatory bodies, have benefitted the firm’s clients by the prompt closure of complex investigations amicably, rather than the initiation of formal enforcement proceedings.   

The firm’s services include reviewing promotional materials for compliance and defining various threats, determining the extent of vulnerabilities and consequences for non-compliance and structuring online commercial marketing programs in accordance with agency regulations with a view towards warding-off potential litigation, altogether.  When necessary, we work closely with our clients to devise countermeasures should an inquiry or lawsuit be initiated.  You can count on our expertise to navigate through government inquiries and investigations that may include lawsuits or proceedings, settlement discussions, consent decrees or assurances of voluntary compliance.

If you have received an access letter, a subpoena or a civil investigative demand (CID) from a regulatory agency, or are otherwise the target of a government investigation, an audit triggered by a regulatory enforcement action or a defendant in state or federal court involving your business practices or advertising methods, please contact a Hinch Newman FTC regulatory compliance and defense lawyer for a free consultation to ensure that your matter is handled correctly and proactively, right from the start.